2021/22 Fees and Charges in School

Tuition fee after deducting the government subsidies under the Free Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme

 Half-day class


Whole-day class

Paid in 10 instalments

$2,700  $2,700/year

$270   $270/instalment

Fees for textbooks, learning materials and activities

Paid on a semester basis (1st and 2nd semester)

K1  $650/semester

K2  $700/semester

K3  $750/semester

Fees for snacks and festival celebrations

Paid in 10 instalments


Meal fee (applicable to whole-day class only)

Paid in 10 instalments


School uniform

Winter uniform

Summer uniform

$115   $115/set

$165   $165/set

Application fee



Registration fee

Half-day class

Whole-day class



*Only new students are required to pay the registration fee. For students enrolled in half-day classes, the registration fee will be refunded to parents after school starts. For students enrolled in whole-day class, the registration fee will be deducted from the tuition fee.