Curriculum Feature

The use of the storytelling approach, enquiry study and the project approach to enable children to learn through hands-on experience, with a diverse range of creative activities to unleash children’s potential in different aspects of development.

To promote children’s learning in science, mathematics, arts and creativity, and nurture their gross and fine motor skills and physical skills.

We focus on enhancing children’s biliterate and trilingual abilities. Our native-speaking English teacher, who is on-site three days a week, teaches English lessons and immerse children in a rich English learning environment through board games, snack time and physical activities.

Moral, ethical and life education to enable children to develop positive characters, self-care skills, confidence, self-discipline and kindness at a young age, and to teach children about God and biblical truth so that they will be able to grow in faith, hope and love.

Boys’ Brigade, Hong Kong and different interest classes to promote the development of children’s intelligences and potential.

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