Our Vision

Adhering to biblical truth, we provide whole-person education to help children attain a comprehensive, quality development in the domains of moral, intellect, physique, social skills and aesthetics, as well as teach children about God, guide them to walk in truth, and develop in them positive characters and self-discipline. We provide children with an environment where they grow in faith, hope and love, and nurture them to be a good citizen that cares about the society and glorifies the Lord and benefit others.
Our History

Operated by Christian Faith Hope Love Church, we are a non-profit-making kindergarten registered with the Hong Kong government. Established in 1990, our campus spans an area of 8,000 sq, ft. We are dedicated to providing quality early childhood education services to the community. There is also a church-affiliated kindergarten in Tung Chung.

Our Aspiration

We aspire to demonstrate the essence of Christianity – “Loving others as yourself and serving the community” -in what we do. We are determined to operate a kindergarten that is built upon love and care and focuses on unleashing children’s multiple intelligences, providing children with a happy learning experience and thereby laying a foundation for lifelong learning. We maintain a close relationship with parents with a caring heart, assisting them to manage problems and build a harmonious relationship with their child.

Our Mission

We believe that each individual is born equal but unique in their own way. We should promote the development of each individual through nurturing their different multiple intelligences, thereby unleashing their potential. Therefore, we are committed to establishing a school that focuses on language learning, encourages creativity and builds students’ confidence. Given that self-learning is crucial for the next generation, we place great emphasis on students’ language development and equip them with abilities for lifelong learning. We support students in navigating the ever-changing society in the future by nurturing in them honesty, kindness, loyalty, confidence, self-respect, perseverance and creativity. We give our best efforts to provide quality early childhood education services for students and parents in the community.

  • Believe

    We believe children have unlimited potentia
  • Hope

    We hope to equip children with self-learning skills
  • Love

    Children can grow healthily in love
  • Address:G/F, Block 7, Wah Ming Estate Phase 2, Fan Ling, New Territories
  • Tel:2677 1035
  • Fax:2675 9183
  • E-mail:wahmingkg@yahoo.com.hk