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Support Measures for Non-Chinese Speaking Children

  • Let non-Chinese speaking children adapt to the local curriculum as soon as possible, learn Chinese from an early age, and integrate into the local community school environment and classrooms to create a rich Chinese language environment, so that non-Chinese speaking children can be more exposed to and apply Chinese
  • The teachers of the kindergarten will arrange group or individual support in groups or at self-selected time slots according to the NCS students to help the NCS students learn or consolidate what they have learned in the classroom. The teachers will contact the parents of the NCS students outside the classroom.
  • The kindergarten strongly encourages parents of non-Chinese speaking students to participate more. The kindergarten often organizes different festival celebrations and diversified parent-child activities to strengthen the communication between the school and parents
  • The school website will provide parents of non-Chinese speaking children with admission application forms and related information in both English and Chinese.
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